ZBrush Clothes Tutorial

In this short breakdown I will show you how I did the clothes on the “For the King” project. I think the first and most important step is that you start to familiarize yourself with the object you are trying to model and its behavior. I used and google for my research and searched everything related to fabric and cloth. It helps also to search for other artists work to learn how they handle the subject. Drawings and sculptures show an already “compressed state” of an object. The artist has left everything out that’s not relevant and reduced it down to the important features that are necessary to make the viewer believe that he is looking at drapery. Basically that’s true for every object you sculpt. You are not going to make real fabric; you are only going to make the viewer believe that it is what he thinks it is…

After I had collected a folder full of images I made a few quick sketches for a better understanding of folds and wrinkles. The brush-moves you are making in the 3d space of Zbrush or Mudbox are quite similar to the one you are drawing on paper. The understanding how folded parts of the fabric expand and overlay in space of course is different.

I aimed to make some really thin and slightly translucent fabric. It’s crazy how some of the great masters where able to create the impression of an underlying body, although you are looking at adamant stone. That is definitely much harder then recreating the same look with a combination of 3ds max and Zbrush with a complete body as a basis.

For the cloth basemesh I have exported a midres version of the character mesh out of Zbrush and brought it into 3ds max. I’m using the Polyboost tools for all kind of polygon modeling in max. The polydraw subtool is great for this kind of work or for retopologizing a whole character. With the imported midres mesh as a basis, it takes only a few minutes to model the first part of the robe. I have planned to split it in 3 pieces, so I can work with them separately later in Zbrush. As you can see on the screenshot below, it’s nothing more than simple polymodeling. Just try to keep the polygons as quadrangular as possible for a smooth subdivision in your sculpting package.

After I was done with the mesh, I have exported every piece as an OBJ and attached it as subtools to my main character mesh in ZBrush. Because I was going to do all the fine wrinkles and folds on the highest subdiv level, I subdivided the piece already at the beginning. I pushed out some intersecting areas with the clay brush (you can use the move brush, too) Then I stepped up on a midres level and began to project some of the character mesh details onto my cloth mesh. I have done that with the projection brush. Make sure that ZSUB is activated and the brush intensity is quite low. Try to work only on surfaces that are perpendicular to your viewport. (Everything else will cause strange mesh distortions)

After preparing everything for further sculpting I switched to the highest subdivision level and start working with my tweaked standard brushes. Basically I have just change the gravity strength options, brush mode and the alpha. You can download theses brushes and take a look at the settings. Copy them in the ZStartup/BrushPresets folder in your Zbrush directory and they should appear in your brush palette after restarting the program. For smooth transitions between the strokes I used a standard clay brush. I was more or less “free styling” when creating the folds. A good tip is to use the flatten brush from time to time. Not everything is as round as it seems…

Download Selwy’s cloth brushes + .ZTL file, 4mb (right click, save as)

Some people already asked me how to achieve the slight translucent look in ZBrush (the areas where parts of the leg and arm are shining through) This is just a fake 🙂 I have used polypaint and gave these areas another color as the rest of the mesh.
Finally I have exported the highres meshes and made a quick rendering in max. That’s all!


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    As always,amazing job.

  3. jaime Labelle says:

    Great and subtle use of ZBrush brushes in the folds, natural movement and weight, linen feels thin and light the way it spouses the woman’s body, interesting pose! an overall 5 stars.

    Keep it up!!


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    great tutorial, i a huge fan of your art

    Sergio Duarte

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    not just your awesome anatomy knowledge, but your sculpting technique is great also!

    thanks for these brushes! you rock!

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    Great tutorial man! You are truly one of the GREATES modelers I know… You work is big inspiration for me.

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    Every model you post is better than your last, fantastic work.

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    Awesome work man. Thanks for sharing your brushes and techniques. Cloth is a challenging subject to make convincing – but you did a great job.

    -Adam Carroll

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    Thanks for the brushes, the tuto and work is awesome. Thanks for the model too.


  14. Mattia says:

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    Compliments for your impressive work: it is an other piece of art of yours! Great Work!

    Thank you very much for the brushes!

    I’m waiting for an other great sculpture… 😉

    p.s.: … and happy 2009!

  15. Paul Large says:

    Your starting to surpass Alex Oliver as my favorite ZBrush artist. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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    I hope to see more of your work. Thank you for sharing

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    I’m a big fan of your work and your personality.
    Your knowledge is amazing. You study so hard . You are big inspiration for me and I’m sure that not only for me
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  23. Ken says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. I had never used ZBrush until last week and I am really enjoying the software’s capabilities. Your workflow is both beautiful and ingenious. Congratulations!


  24. Mr Sauvage says:

    Thanks a lot, your brushes are top notch man, I’ve been fond of them straight away. I can’t go back and use my old crappy brushes anymore…

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  26. kirbi says:

    might be an stupid question but i’m still trying to wrap my mind around zbrush. i understand the sculpting and even the retopolizing process but so far i can’t find anyting about retopolizing a whole mesh (sub tools an all) is that possible?

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    Brilliant tutorial, thanks for producing it! I use Maya and Zbrush and have struggled with cloth for ages. I realise the packages aren’t exactly the same, but it’s opened my eyes!

    Amazing work!

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    A small question : Can you do the fold brushes to work on z-brush 4 ..they are amazing 🙂

  49. Digital3d says:

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    And these are really very nice while sculpting cloths and wrinkles..

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    Of all the ways a million thanks for the gratuitous contribution. Greetings to all.

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