Download Free Model: Arthur

I’m giving away one of my first Zbrush sculpture. It was though as a training sculpture and so it’s far away from finished. You can download the Zbrush file with all subdivision layers and subtools included. Feel free to finish him, correct all the anatomical issues and add one or more additional subdivision layers for further detailing. On the model I used my standard speed sculpt base mesh. So a lot of stretching and pinching is going on and without retopologizing the basemesh you can’t use it for animation or even proper UVmapping. But you can do this easily with the Zbrush inbuilt retopo tool or any other 3d package (tutorial). If you should come up with something decent, feel free to send the new mesh back to me ๐Ÿ™‚


Download Mirrow 1: Arthur.rar


  1. Martin K. says:

    You are an excellent ZBrush artist! Please keep up all the great work. We are all very excited here at Pixologic about what you are doing!

    Martin K.
    Marketing and Education

  2. Mattia Mercante says:

    my compliments. Your work is amazing!!

    If you need a 3D scanning service of something, feel free to contact me. I use the low cost Laser Scanner “David”, and is a pleasure for me to scan something for you… obviously for free.

    Again compliments, you are one of the better digital sculptors that I know. And many thanks for sharing your wonderful model!

    Best Regards,

  3. Pierre says:

    I saw your thread on ZbrushCentral, and was amazed by your crisp and tight style. You’re a master, in the classical sense of the word. Thanks for the model, It’ll be a joy to study.



  4. Rafael Ghencev says:


    Congrats, your work is amazing, your anatomy studies is wonderful. You are one of the best digital sculptors i have seen. Thanks for share all this great sculptures.

  5. attila says:

    You are an excellent ZBrush artist! Please keep up all the great work. We are all very excited here at Pixologic about what you are doing!

  6. Joker
    Selwy says:


    Thanks for comments! Enjoy the free model.

  7. Rick Savage (artist) says:

    Freaking Wow!!! Your work is amazing. Very impressive stuff. Thanx for the great model of Authur. Hey bud….you should make your own tutorial dvd. Something that will showcase your work as well as teach others how to sculpt with zbrush.

  8. Syne says:

    thank you for the great Aurthur model I’m just starting to learn the fundamentals of zbrush and am amazed by all the great zbrush artists out there your work is top notch. I hope to be as good one day, keep up the great work.

  9. Petur Arnors says:

    Awesome models. A true artist at work!

  10. djorzgul says:

    great sculptures.
    respect for share ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. JT says:

    Excellent work mate!, Very inspiring. Good to see models with all the real human bits like a life drawing, like real life art that is. I find it hard to believe you are looking for work, I doubt that will last long. Thanks for sharing, keep pushing forward the renaissance ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. NIck Zuccarello says:

    This is so very cool of you to do! You have been very blessed my friend and it is very awesome to see yoiu give back some of your gifts! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace-NickZ. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Martin K. says:


    Fantastic work on your first human figure! You are very generous to provide it for download. Keep up that great work! You are an asset to the world of digital arts!

  14. mille says:

    thanks for the human base mesh

    your anatomicals studies are really subtles and well balanced

    keep on fighting

  15. Rafael says:

    Your work is simply outstanding, a true reference for beggineers like me.

    keep up with the amazing work!

    Have a nice christmas and an amazing new year! =]

  16. Susan says:

    Amazing all your website. I agree with Martin, you are very generous for share your model with us. Thank you, Benjamin!

  17. calum says:

    Thankyou for sharing a part of your amazing works.What a gentleman!Best wishes cal

  18. Chris Parent - a.k.a.SixxPixels says:

    Thank you so much for the model – I’m looking forward to looking him over. Ever think about teaching an online class? If you do please let me know about it!
    Thanks again

  19. slashpot says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, lyrical modeling. The reality is so beautifully observed, with even a touch of pathos. Wonderful of you to make this available to the 3D community, your generosity is much appreciated even in a community where generosity seems to be the norm.

    Thanks again mate and congratulations on a beautiful piece

  20. Paul says:

    not that you are great master, you are a truely great master who show other the light

  21. Markus Schille says:

    Awesome model! Thanks for sharing. Truly inspirational!


  22. Rydahlyb says:

    congrats on your progress and achievements. Your models look very much like peters sk reference. (i can clearly see them even without you mentioning. care to share you secrets with me for nailing the likness? lolz thanks for the model 2.

  23. Kenny Lei says:

    you’re a good man~
    I hope i can sculpt as good as you do~
    But i still have a long way to go.

  24. Sid says:

    I am a beginner n dis s a gr8 inspiration for me…
    rock on man…

  25. Martin Andersson says:

    Incredible sculpt! Looks 100% real.

  26. Kenny Lei says:

    By the way.The link for tutorial is not working….

  27. Reza Hadi Lesmana says:

    I’m sorry if i’m going in a wrong place.. Mr. Selwy, may u help me with a zbrush retopo problem? Why did my retopo “lines” didn’t appear when I load my ztl to continue my character retopology process? Thank u so much, Sir

  28. Pramod Nambiar says:

    Thankssss a lottt Sir … for sharing such valuable information and data which will help other not so good artists to learn a lot and get better …

    You are a Great Human Being and a very generous artist ..

    Your Work is Inspiration for me .

  29. Geert Melis says:

    Infinite thank you for sharing this beautiful model! Respect!

  30. baiju parthan says:

    Amazing work! I am really impressed by your attention for detail, which reveals how focused you are. And at the same time you are economical too with regard to your mesh density… Keep up the good work- you are an inspiration…

  31. Adam Collier says:

    Thank you so much for putting this on here for me to have. I really needed some good hand reference to try and sculpt one in zbrush. This will help me out a lot I bet. Thank you again.

    p.s. I wish more people would put their work up for download, well… …as long as they use it for reference.

  32. Dublduch says:

    Thank’s a lot!

  33. Rouie says:

    Wow..your works are amazing…Sir did you do the tutorial Zbrush Beyond Digital Sculpting, I am thinking of purchasing it, but dont know how.

  34. pushkar says:

    nice work man. i am a 3d artist in india.

  35. Szabolcs Matefy says:

    Hey Selwy,

    I think your work is really inspiring, and push me to learn more. Thanks for sharing!

    Szabolcs Matefy
    Crytek Budapest
    Senior Character Artist

  36. amenk says:

    thank you for you who have given a work to me to be I learned to can I create a work like you. thank you once again

  37. Niyazi Selimoglu says:

    Thankโ€™s a lot, Selwy.Great Work…

  38. Jake says:

    Love revisiting your site – event though you are obviously busy with loads of other stuff

    Have you done studies/workshops under David Kassan – love his work too.

  39. diohasian says:

    hi selwy,

    thanks for the great model.
    i’ve been trying to study your sculpt for months now, im wonder if you used customized brush or just the original brush from zbrush ?.

    admire of your work,

  40. rahul says:

    thank you very much

  41. hotden says:

    Selwy,can you give us women’s ZBRUSH model download?

  42. Modelos humanos 3D gratis | Cursos ZBrush UPV says:

    […] Pรกgina de descarga […]

  43. vishal says:


    great work… i am new to zbrush so soon follow yur foot steps thanks for the share…


  44. marley maia says:


  45. Clearing Out Some Head Space « Pixologic: ZBrush Blog says:

    […] this, “practice, practice and then practice some more.” ZBrushCentral member Ben aka Selwy, has taken this to heart and his latest post is evidence that the old saying holds true. His hard […]

  46. weishanzhang says:

    Hello, works very well!I was a university student from China, I would like to ask about the method of learning artistic anatomy, times Thank you very much!

  47. Mahdi says:

    Awesome … thanks.

  48. Michele Faulkner says:

    I love your work. I’m actually new to this type of work and I’m fascinated with it. I have yet to figure out to create anything im still so new to it all but will be sure to share as i began to create. Your work is inspiration for me to keep trying.


  49. Noyan says:

    thank u for sharing this amazing piece with us .it ill learn alot from it.thumbs up…

  50. Gerhard Kunar says:


    I adore your work and your modeling skills! I have a request referring to your Arthur sculpture, you gave away as a free model. I would really love to use it for an animated explanation video of a new medical product for older people.
    My work is a really low budget video, but please tell me, how much you would charge for a licensed use. If I can afford the permission I would really love to to use Arthur for my video.

    Kind regards, Gerhard from Vienna

  51. Fade | emptyfillers says:

    […] to Benjamin Selwy for his free model in this link: Edited and Rendered at Cinema […]

  52. Anders says:


    Thank you for sharing this model!

    I’ve tried to use it in ZBrush 4R7 P3 but it seems it’s corrupted (the polygons are crazy)…

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